Swachh Bharath – A Pediatricians Dilemma

“So doctor what water are we supposed to wash her face with?  Distilled or RO?”

I have never ever heard a question like this before. Ya, she was born yesterday. I mean the baby not the Mom -in-law but, still!!

I so wanted to suggest Bling H20 but then decided otherwise.

We do have to become salesmen too. I mean, what with parents inquiring about air purifiers and all. All I can do is give a quizzical stare.

India’s middle class and those now heading to the upper middle zones have derided our shabby nation. The open sewers, the stench, the garbage, without realising their own contribution to the disposal yard that our cities have become. We are just being oblivious and that has been so easy.

However with the increase in income and the mobility, there has come this wish to raise a giant screen all
around ourselves to keep out the foul air and the muddy waters. So you have aggressive pitches for water purifiers and air purifiers. The folks at these companies are so smart as to sponsor the pollution watch tickers on major networks. Conflict of interest? Targeted intervention? The moment you use these words, they snap back.

And all this while people sneer at “Swachh Bharath” tossing that wrapper outa the window to let it drift and join the hundreds of peers catching the exhaust of that swanky diesel SUV as you rest your perfumed bottom on its leather seats.

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