Surviving Summers in Manipal 101

Summers in Manipal
The soothing sounds of the sea provide for tranquil surroundings to contemplate and reflect on the various aspects of the student life. Many a Manipal student is usually seen in this pose, staring into the endless waters of the Arabian sea at one of the many beaches nearby - Kaup and Malpe are the closest ones!

Ah, Summers; Sunshine, Swimming, Sodas, Sweat…

Summer usually is the much-awaited season of all! The determination to get that summer body, the vacations, the holidays, and the carefreeness. Unless, unless you happen to spend one in Manipal. That’s right, Summers in Manipal can be tough.

No, don’t cancel your plane ticket here. Imagine this, it’s your math exam, it’s tough, the thought of it terrifies you. But not for long, once you’ve prepared for it, math too is a piece of cake. Chocolate one even! Just like that, once you’ve prepared yourselves for summers in Manipal, you’re sorted! I’ll tell you how.


Surviving Summers in Manipal 101

Below I will guide you through measures you could take to have a fun, breezy summer in Manipal. Very basic, very easy, very merry. 

Wear Sunscreen

Very obvious, right? But wait, wait, before that all you sunblock, sun protection, sunscreen people unite! Now, use a generous amount of sunscreen when moseying outdoors on the gleeful streets of Manipal.

No matter the season, carry an umbrella

It is a well-known fact that Manipal has heavy rainfall during the monsoon. Full-on cats and dogs wrestling championship. Use an umbrella then, use an umbrella now. Summer heat can be pretty unbearable at times, it is important to protect yourself with an umbrella or a scarf even.

Get those fluids.

Hydrate. Yourself. All. The. Time.

Sure, you’ll be seeing lavatories often but you will be healthy! It is imperative that you consume fluids well during these tough summers. Be it water, watermelon juice, sugar cane juice, coconut water, anything! [ Coco cola…? Mum says no, sorry.]

Try staying indoors.

Simple logic, you won’t have to battle the sun if you’re not facing it, right? Try staying indoors during the peak afternoon moments where you can feel the sun feeding the energy off of you. Remember those Glucon-D ads? Yep. Go out only when needed.

Help your skin.

Sure, umbrellas, scarves work. But, it is also important to feel fresh on the inside. There are various home remedies you can try out to have that fresh, clear face.

For example; applying buttermilk over your face after a long day under the hot scorching sun will surely help and relax you!


Hey now, this is a safe space. Deodorant can sometimes be a replacement for your showers. Of course, ahem, I understand. Make sure to make it a point to shower every day! Actually? Summer or not, thou must shower[eth]

Hit those restaurants.

Manipal offers to you a wide variety of good food! Great seafood, actually. Hit those places, post it on Instagram, enjoy your shrimp! Be sure to eat healthy food as well. A nice little fruit bowl did no one any harm.

Lastly, go have fun.

Manipal has beautiful beaches you can run off to when things get crazy. Go grab those sunglasses, put that sunscreen, and off you go to the beach! If you’re more of a mountain person, don’t worry, there’re mountains here too!

That’s all the advice I have for you.

Have some great summers at Manipal! No matter what the season, Manipal is a great place for you to come to visit.


Go on then Simran, jee le apni zindagi.

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