Studying Law for a Strong Career

Law is always a very intriguing and interesting subject. After man started living in settlements he started to create codes of conduct that led to the growth of conventions. These conventions over years became laws enforceable by government bodies. Laws vary from state to state and from country to country. Law by itself is a vast field of learning and there are dedicated colleges where only this subject is pursued. Students could specialise in civil laws, criminal procedures, corporate affairs, tax laws, family affairs, and so on.Law

Law – a dynamic subject

A very important aspect of law as a subject is that it is dynamic. Though it may sound amazing, laws keep on changing from time to time and a true professional must stay updated. Amendments, additions, and alterations are a common feature of legal studies. For any professional to be successful it is essential that he/she is thoroughly conversant with these changes. It is not surprising that a lawyer has a library for storing study materials. It needs to be understood that law is a social science which is determined by circumstances and human behaviour. Both human behaviour and circumstances change over time and hence the laws binding them. Though basic laws have remained the same for decades their adaptations have undergone several changes depending on circumstances.

Each of these specializations has a definite area of focus and a student could pursue any area of specialisation depending upon aptitude and scope. All these individual fields are comprehensive and involve dedicated studying and research. On an average it takes 4 or 5 years to become a qualified lawyer depending upon the college or university studied in. The most difficult or testing part comes after you become a juridical science graduate. To establish you as a lawyer it takes at least ten years and then another ten years to become accomplished.

Professionals with a difference

Legal professionals are always treated with reverence for their superior knowledge and wisdom. Law and learning are often treated synonymous. Legal professionals are known to be just people because of their wisdom. Conventionally a candidate after graduating in law works as a trainee under a senior lawyer or joins a legal consultancy company as an apprentice or junior officer. Multinational corporations, business conglomerates, and government undertakings also have specialized legal cells that recruit law graduates and professionals for looking after their corporate affairs.

Recent developments for legal professionals

In recent years several changes have been observed particularly in corporate laws and international trading. Both these segments have vastly increased the scope of legal professionals. With globalization international trade rules have been eased and new parameters have been established. Only the best law professionals can keep track of these developments. In foreign trade, each nation has its own set of customs duties and excise obligations; which these new breed of professionals are conversant about.

Globalization has not only increased movement of goods but also enhanced movement of human resource from one country to another. Lately, there has been a significant rise in immigration which requires trained people for handling. Immigration professionals need to be experts in not only about the procedures involved but also about the rules and regulations binding upon immigrants to a new place. In addition to consulates and embassies there has been a rise in the number of facilitating agencies.

With liberalization, corporate laws are now faced with newer challenges. With the number of suppliers and buyers increased by considerable numbers, the legal formalities have necessarily changed and this demands people well-trained in company legal matters.

About the author – John Samuelson is a legal professional with a rich experience of over three decades. He is a specialised corporate affairs lawyer and is also a guest speaker in leading colleges. His articles could be read in

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