Student arrested following his confession on ‘Manipal Confessions’ FB page

In a shocking incident, a student of MU was arrested after he made a confession of breaching the law on Facebook. He made the confession on a page called ‘Manipal Confessions‘, which went viral in Manipal in the last few days.

As per confession, the student got drunk at Dee Tee and rode his Kawasaki Ninja 250 at 143 kmph on the road leading to TC from Dee Tee. He also wrote that he almost crashed himself into the median.

The post was brought to the notice of Police Commissioner of Manipal by his son.The Commissioner then summoned all Ninja 250 Owners in Manipal and upon grilling them,Valentino D’souza, the student who wrote the post admitted his mistake.

Addressing the press conference,the commissioner said, “I am pained to see so many accidents in Manipal. Making Manipal roads safer is my top most priority. So, when my son brought this Facebook post to my notice,I acted upon it immediately.”

No FIR was lodged against the student. He was released after rigorous counselling by the commissioner. He was also asked to do 10 hours of community service failing which his bike will be confiscated.

After this incident, the Facebook page was deleted by the admins.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  

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