A Story – Poem by Komal Kahlon

Once upon a time, there lived a girl
She did up climb the ocean’s mighty swirl.
And stood at the altar of mighty poseidon.
But from entry a bar.in a swish it was done,
Salty sea replaced by land,
Water banished from sight,
Forced to survive in the sand,
Of the desert’s might.
Every day she fights with a part of herself.
Caught between two fire-lights
“the rational part of myself”
She mused, “says i must
Not go back to the sea
I will only get the crust,
No bread, no tea. But my heart says,
Where there are wills,
There are always ways.
The idea sends chills
Up and down my spine.
I want to be off and away
To my treasure, mine.
With the ship i sway
Into the unknown.
What shall i find?
The place where was sown
In the first human’s mind
The first grain of wisdom?
The ocean is a-calling.
The sea says “come
I am brimming
With adventures and…”
The poor girl caught
In the desert of time’s sand
Has for ages fought…


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