A Comparison Of Storage And Instantaneous Aquamax Hot Water Systems

aquamax hot water system

People can take a warm shower or wash the dishes whenever they want, thanks to the hot water systems. While the primary goal of these technologies is to heat water for all of the purposes that we want, it is crucial to note that each type will accomplish this in a somewhat unique way. Storage and immediate are two of the most famous Aquamax Hot Water systems on the market today; which should you select? Same Day Hot Water Service can guide you well.


This device consists of an insulated tank that is utilized to temporarily store warm water that will be utilized throughout the day in your house. The size of the tank installed in your house is determined by a variety of criteria. Here are some crucial factors to consider before making this decision:

  • You can figure out how big your tank should be by counting how many people live in your home; if it’s too little, you’ll run out of hot water until you’re ready.
  • The quantity of heat lost while the water is being kept is straight proportional to the size of your tank; a smaller tank implies less heat will be lost before it is utilized.
  • To heat the water, most typical devices use a single source (such as a heat pump, a timber or gas burner, or an electric component). Some people employ gravity feed or mains pressure.
  • Because it consumes less electricity than the different varieties, a heat pump is frequently regarded as the greatest eco-friendly option. It works similarly to a fridge and produces very little sound.


There is no requirement for a tank with this hot water system because it only heats water when it is required. This makes it much simpler to adapt to changing requirements (when people come to stay or move out). Here are some crucial factors to consider before making this choice:

  • This system is significantly smaller than its storage counterpart, and it may be easily installed in a closet or on a wall. This hides your boilers from view on the outside of your house.
  • When the water is supplied to the tap, you might notice a minor fall in pressure. Most of the time, this is barely apparent and has little bearing on your restroom routine.
  • Some units only permit one tap to be switched on at a time; switching on a second or even a third lowers the warmth and pressure of the water significantly.
  • Based on where your property is located and what supplies are accessible this technology can run on natural gas, LPG, or 3-phase electricity.

Yes, installing a new system will cost cash upfront, but government grants and the economic benefit a solar water system adds to your house value will virtually cover the price of your new installation.


When you’ve been looking for a new hot water system but can’t decide between all of the options, we hope that our comparison of storage and instantaneous units detailed above has helped you narrow down your options. Based on your house and family’s requirements, one of the following units will most likely be quite effective in providing your wants for endless hot water.

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