Steps To Becoming An Optimist

Counter Negative Thinking

You skip your Biochem class again and your participation grade is starting to suffer. Instead of calling yourself lazy, change your perspective. Do not see the reason for your failure a permanent part of your personality. Instead recognize that you are simply taking the wrong approach. On the nights before your Biochem class, make it a point to go to bed early. Do not make plans to go out with friends and enlist your roommate’s help in keeping the room quiet and dark for optimum sleeping conditions. Now instead of labeling yourself lazy and viewing the situation as hopeless, you can take control, change your strategy, and achieve success.

Use Your Imagination

Many of us spend our days worrying about all the possible ways something could go wrong. Instead, use that energy to imagine the best-case scenario. Public speaking makes you nervous and you’ve got a big presentation coming up in your Pharmac class. Rather than losing sleep over all the ways you could blow the presentation, spend your time picturing yourself standing self-assured in front of your class and delivering an A performance. When you rehearse in your mind what you want to do, when the time comes it will be much easier to achieve your goals.

Celebrate Success

Take credit for the positive things that happen in your life. The positive in your life is not due to luck or the work of others: it is due to your unique talents and skills. You are waiting tables and receive a huge tip – celebrate!! Don’t explain it away by saying, “Well, they must have money to throw away.” Realize that the energy and personal attention you gave the customers paid off. Take pride in all your achievements whether large or small.

Keep it in Perspective

Do not let a setback in one area of your life seem bigger than it is. If you fail a test in English, don’t let it destroy your confidence in your other subject areas. You are still a good student in Biology and Computer Science. Keep things in perspective and you will limit the affect a few bad experiences can have on your life and your attitude.

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