Sons of Muziri III – The ambush at the docks

Part 3 of five, released weekly

Remember how our fathers or grandfathers narrate stories about all these kingdoms and hidden cities where there were beautiful maidens and brave warriors.This story is completely fictional.This is the story of Muziri, a harbor town lost through the pages of history.


The Ambush at the Docks

Maharaja: Make sure all the gold reaches to Mahodayapuram by tonight.

Commander: Yes Maharaj. We take your leave now

The horses galloped and rode off at dawn to the docks where the fleet of ships were expected to arrive.

The sleepy warriors watched as the sun slowly rose like embers in the sky.The ships arrived with rhythmic horns and trumpets.The commander ordered them to bring the goods from the ship.The only problem was all his generals went missing by the time the Sun came out.

Commander:Is this a joke! I said get those goods!Where are the generals.You neanderthals!They went missing under your noses.Where are they!

His questions were answered with a quiver of arrows from the hillock nearby.The archers had taken their positions.

The Prince rode out with the cavalry.They did the job of cleaning up the rest of the Maharaja’s warriors.The warriors fought with all their might but were no match for the Prince’s army who dreamt of this moment all their lives.The battlefield became a huge cauldron of blood,fire and chaos.

After the Maharaja’s army was cleansed from the shores of Muziri, a new army emerged.The foreign allies had descended the hillocks like a stampede of wild boars.The Prince alerted his generals to start shielding from the attacks of the foreigners.The foreigners avoided the battle and forged ahead to the fleet of ships to loot the goods.They climbed the ladders ascending towards the dock of the ship.They searched frantically for the goods.Instead they found gunpowder and some other oils.They watched in horror as the sailors set fire to the sails drenched in oil.

The ship exploded and chaffs of wood and debris fell into the ocean,creating liquid gold in the sky.The brave Muziri soldiers rounded up the remaining of the foreigners who cursed the Prince.

Prince: Surprising how some gold and the feeling of independence can do to some people.This is our land now.It always has been.Get lost. Dont interrupt me when I am conducting some business.

The sailors were paid handsomely to get a new crew and ship which was to answer to the Raja of Muziri.

All the brave warriors of Mahodayapuram and the foreign lands fell. A few remained.

They yelled ”Who started this evil mutiny,we demand to know.Show us your face Prince!”

Prince:This mutiny is called liberty.Tell it to those masters who feed you. Muziri will no longer be your port. It is ours!

A new dawn brimmed on the blood-soaked port town.The bards and poets had already started their praise for the young prince.

Prince:We have a lot of capital from the war,father .We can use it for building our army and increasing our general economy.

Raja:I never thought I would see this day.The gods have been kind and you fought bravely my son!.It is great to have a kingdom to properly rule.I am really happy to be a king at last.

The Raja’s words slapped the Prince.The vain old fool never put a foot out of order.A royal jealousy ensued but for now,he made up his mind to play along with his father’s foolish dream of the throne.

The subjects were called back to the town.They rejoiced and flocked back to the town with trumpets and drums,singing praises to the young prince who won them their freedom.

The hardworking crowd gave off a promising start.Sooner or later they would notice a sharp contrast between a lazy king and a valiant prince. They slowly started building a prosperous town.

The blacksmiths, laborers and the architects started building ships,buildings and rest-houses and even artificial backwaters which were cut from the various tributaries that met into the ocean.

One main tributary was cut away from the ocean that day and the ocean was enraged and wildly churning.

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