Sleeping with a Girl: 8 Hours that Make You Suffer

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Sleeping on the sides can be stressful for the body.

No wonder people who live in marriage long enough, prefer to sleep separately in different rooms. The man prefers the living room in front of the TV, and the woman choses freely lying on the double bed. After all, it is more comfortable: you start feeling personal space and you can get enough sleep. According to, there are so many problems with sleeping together.

  1. Your hand becomes into a someone’s hand.

Do not lie down on your side, or your girlfriend will lie on your hand boldly, like on a pillow. She will be comfortable and good, but you do not seem to like it very much. You can neither turn, nor roll over. So, hug your pillow with free hands and legs stronger and don’t put your hands on it. Otherwise, this will happen.

  1. Total numbness.

Blood stops flowing into the hand, and in the middle of sleep, some unknown force makes you open your eyes. The first two seconds you stupidly look at the dark, and then you realize that something is wrong. But what is that? You do not feel your hand at all! You just cannot move it.  You feel pain through numbness, you take it gently with a “healthy hand”, pull it out from under the “blockage”, kissing your loved one on her cheek and saying, “Sleep!”

  1. It’s scary to move.

It’s worse when the bed is small and you do not move much. You want to move your body but each time when you move it, she wakes up. She sleeps so sweetly that it’s ashamed to alarm her. But she clings to you, puts her head on your chest, drooling from her slightly opened scarlet mouth. You should stand it in order to prove your love.

  1. Her hair is everywhere.

It’s a sin not to lay behind her and not to hug her wonderful body, clinging to her through a veil of carefree sleep. The only one problem is that she has very hairy back of her head, and it’s right in front of your face. It is necessary to move the head properly to find a position in which your mouth will not be filled with her hair. But remember, in the name of love, you should lie with her hair in your mouth for at least five minutes.

  1. A nightmare.

She is so impressionable. What she’s dreaming about that she’s been moving her hands for five minutes and muttering something strange. Try to listen to, maybe it’s some kind of a cipher. You are no longer sleeping in any case. How can you sleep when you are pushed half-asleep?

  1. Expeditions to the toilet.

If the night adventure to the toilet was a mission in a computer game, then there would be a clue at the bottom of the monitor, “To go to the WC, step over the person.” If it was a stealth mode, then you would have lost. It is impossible to step over a partner without waking them. It may be possible but not in your case.

  1. Constant war for the blanket.

The war for the blanket is a classical situation. When it’s cold, both of you pull the blanket. At this moment, the agilest one pulls it to themselves. For some reason, women pull it more often than men. You can talk with other couples, everywhere is the same situation, all women greedily pull the blanket over themselves, making you be cold. And it does not matter who is more thin-blooded.

  1. Mountaineering in the bedroom.

One of you sleeps in the fetal position, and another one sleeps in the pose of the starfish. You try to hug a beloved partner, but you find only a lying hand. You try to roll over but fall on the floor because active gesticulation threw you away behind the line of the sleeping front. You’re not sleeping now, but you’re trying to get yourself settled on a vacant stretch of bed in order not fall on the floor again.

It can be worse only when you roll over alone, hugging the pillow and longing that there is no one to love.

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