Simply Put- Despicable

More than finding out Dr. Gru’s latest sinister plot for world domination (or something of that sort) I found myself looking forward to seeing his Minions. These little yellow creatures follow Gru about this way and that doing his every biding in a more than animated fashion, their “goofiness” capturing smiles and laughs across audiences of all ages. The three little girls Gru adopts in toward the end of the first movie do not fail to snatch a couple “Awwww”s what with their childish antics through the movie.

As the trailers rightfully portray in themselves, the girls are out to find themselves a new mommy and are always up in Gru’s face about it. Margo (the eldest of the three daughters) finds her heart being stolen by Antonio, a young Spanish gentleman who is smoother than melted butter on ice. Lucy, a new recruit to the AVL (Anti Villain League) “persuades” Gru to undertake a mission for her organization. Gru must locate some kind of chemical substance that was stolen or (obviously) the world will come to an early end.

On a more personal note, I find myself rather disappointed with this film. I found it “sufficiently decent” standing by itself. However, going by the standards Despicable Me (the first one) set in my head, I have half a mind to ask for half my cash back! Although Gru’s over-protective nature he displays toward his daughters is more than relatable, it was rather unnecessary and more along the lines of animated movie sequels made before it- it was much too mainstream. I suppose it lacked the originality I was looking forward to. To be quite honest, I mainly just wanted MORE of those little Minions-they should’ve had a couple more scenes of their nonsensical selves.

All in all, I just found myself wishing I’d gone for “The Lone Ranger” instead- would’ve been a little more palatable I suppose. A decent watch though.

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