Simple Tweaks to Enlarge Your Small Living Space

Aesthetic Interiors

Big living spaces may have more advantages than small ones. One of them is that the storage space is larger. However, if you live in a smaller house or apartment, you do not need to worry, as you can still do things in order to visually maximize it. You can tweak the inside or the outside of your house. You can change your walls and windows or you can do something about your furniture. The choices are up to you.

Open-space interior designs

We can say that open-space interior designs have been popular since forever, and even today they serve their purpose. If you decide to check the internet for some inspiration, there are many amazing pictures where you can see how people have combined their furniture without walls to separate the items. You can make a room that will be three in one – a kitchen, dining room and living room. Studio Apartment Design

Put bookshelves that are floor-to-ceiling

This year, Australian styling trends are magnificent. If you take a look at some magazines, you can see how their living room design includes floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Maybe this is an idea that bookworms are going to like more, but you do not have to read a lot to have a beautiful bookshelf in your apartment. If you go for floor-to-ceiling ones, that is something that can make quite an impact on your place, making it look bigger than it is. What goes great with this is a big TV, so how about checking out professionals who offer TV installation in Adelaide? Putting a bigger TV on the wall looks quite modern, and it is also great for saving more space. The TV can go between two big bookshelves, and you can put a shelf with decorations and details of your preference under it.

A wooden porch and outdoor living room

Many people choose to add porches and make their house look more spacious and rich. What you can do is add a living room that is going to be outside of the house instead of inside. You can put everything that a living room usually requires – a sofa with pillows, armchairs, even place some pictures on the wall, even though they are going to be outdoors. You will be able to throw memorable tea parties, as well as spend a lot of cozy nights and days there. It can either be completely open or closed, but a wooden porch will definitely enlarge your home, as well as offer you different ways of spending your leisure time.Designing Small Spaces

Use the space under your stairs

The truth is that many people have this extra space in their house, but not all of them choose to use it wisely. You can do a lot with it, for example, make it a reading nook. A sofa can be placed there, with a shelf where you can display your possessions. Be creative and imaginative, and you will see that it is going to pay off.

A sliding wall instead of a classical door

We are used to having classical doors, but a sliding wall has a big advantage – it makes your house more spacious. When we open a door we occupy a lot of room, and this is something that does not happen with a sliding door. A sliding wall can be placed anywhere in the house, so you can have it in your living room or bathroom.

These simple tweaks to enlarge your living space can be of much use to you, so if you have a way to do so, do not think twice. You can do a lot when you feel inspired and motivated, and all that is needed is a small amount of creativity. Play with the position of your furniture, or choose it smartly when you buy new things.

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