Sikkim factor makes MU go back to MAHE


After months of discussion and much deliberation, the management of the Manipal University has decided that theySikkim factor makes mu go back to mahe 1 would go back to being “MAHE” i.e Manipal Academy Of Higher Education.It shall officially come into effect from the next financial year.This decision came in wake of the trouble that was being caused by the existence of an affiliate,Sikkim Manipal University.

Months after the formation of Sikkim Manipal University, students from Manipal University(note the absence of Sikkim)…especially those from North and North-East,have been asked this question so many times that we even have a page answering this query!(However, we’re unsure of how effective that is in educating people)

This was not enough when there was a huge chaos at the New Jalpaiguri Railway station a few weeks back(the nearest railway station to Gangtok) when a group of freshers were handed tickets to the wrong destination when they had to come to Manipal.

Parents of these students are threatening to press charges against the Manipal University for this inconvenience. It is being said that this directive is actually in reponse to the demands by the students and parents for a compensation. Manipal University being the “Money-pal” that it is had thus resolved to go back to being MAHE to avoid shelling out moolah.

However, Insiders(name not revealed on request) have given a completely different end to this tale. They say that this decision was made overnight after a high dignitary from the University was humiliated when someone told them his eyes were quite big considering he’s from Sikkim. The management of the University has chosen to follow our Prime Minister’s policy…Sealed Lips..

“Whatever be the reason, I’m happy that the University has taken this initiative.Explaining the difference between the two(universities)was stressful”, said a KMC student..who felt she had more important things to be stressed about. Students from other colleges also feel it’s a welcome change.

All we can say is all’s well that ends well! Hope it does good to the students of Manipal University..oops..Manipal Academy of Higher Education.


P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, din’t you ? 


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  1. Actually, they never really changed the name legally, all degrees until this date have been issued in the name of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The name Manipal University was only used for marketing purposes. Another sham of Manipal.

  2. Manipal University has too much demand for its courses . we can guess that by counting the number of growing Rented apartements n houses in manipal , karnataka. Infact there r a lot of people who get addicted to City Manipal(unknown of the reason) that they love to stay there for more years then they r expected to. MU’s business is expanding with the population of City Manipal . They need no too many advertisement n promotions. MU management people r anyway earning enough to retire to Miami n other ‘most wished retiring’ locations . Sikkim manipal on the other hand is struggling . Seeing the literacy rate n nature of Indians , what ever the television shows them is the believed truth , else movi actors would never been ‘like God’ . SMU’s more advirtesements have lead MU’s student face probelems. In a way , MU is ceasing its oppurtunity to expand much more. MU management should not even debate on the topic of differentiating MU with SMU , they should in fact really differentiate the the two different thing clearly. 

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