Short Story: Let’s Pass it On

“Lilibet, come here!”

Lilibet came nearer to her father and smiled. She wore a yellow frock with black sequins on it. She seemed tall for her age and had jet black hair.

“You know what will happen to me tomorrow?”, her father asked.

She innocently nodded her head and said, “It’s your coronation tomorrow.” “You will be wearing that crown”, she said pointing to the magnificent burgundy coloured crown. The crown had a diamond at its top which glistened due to the evening sun rays from the window.

George laughed and said, “Do you know what does that crown make me? Tomorrow when the priest blesses me with the holy water, I get connected to the divine and a sense of extreme responsibility is induced upon me.”

Lilibet asked, “What responsibility?” Her father replied, “The responsibility of staying silent.”

“Staying silent?”

“Yes, honey. Because that’s the hardest thing to do. I will have to stay silent and adhere to my councilors and government ignoring my own interpretation.”

Lilibet laughs loudly and scoots out of the room saying, “Papa, you can’t stay quiet!”.

George mocks a sad face and then starts reading his speech aloud.

“There you go!”, she said placing the crown on her head.

The crown slips again, “Oh god! I will take a lifetime mastering this.” Isa smirks seeing her mother struggle with the crown.

“Mr Michael! Can I borrow the crown to practice for a few days?”

“Borrow it from whom your majesty?”

“From….”, Lilibet stumbles for words.

Isa says , “The crown is yours mother. Use it as you wish”

Lilibet places the crown firmly on her head and looks into the wide mirror. She looked great and could bear the crown easily. She knew that it would be hard for her. Then, Isa says, “See mother! You don’t require any practice at all.”

Lilibet said, “Mr. Michael, I am ready for my coronation.”

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