SHE – a poem

Hugged her and smiled

This is about my cousin sister whom i adored. Now, the flower of our friendship has wilted and dried and crumbled into pieces which I feel is irretrievable.



She walked towards the house,
Where we kids were playing.
With a beautiful smile, she stepped inside,
Making an irresistible smile on my lips.
“Who is that?” I asked,
To the one near me,
Even she didn’t know her much.

I asked her name and something else,
She answered with a smile.
I couldn’t help but look at her,
With a tiny childish smile.
And there… our friendship blossomed.
The bud slowly bloomed into a flower,
A fresh, beautiful flower.
And so high, it towered.
We had lots of time together,
As years rolled by.
With silly fights and friendly love,
The time flew away.
I used to see her off,
Then wait whole morning.
Ran to see her when she came,
Hugged her tight and smiled.

Hugged her and smiled
Hugged her tight and smiled

Like a sister, like a friend,
She did all what I need.
A distance crept as we parted.
But the friendship still remained.
Still advised me, my sister and a friend.
Now we… in different parts of the world,
Still remember those days,
Those beautiful and peaceful time we shared.
And still the flower stays fresh,
That bloomed long ago.

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