Self-development for men – have a great sense of humour

I always pride myself in having a good sense of humour and enjoy a good laugh even if it is at my expense. I often feel sorry for people who can’t laugh, because believe it or not, there are some people who never laugh in their lives!!

Seriously, I have been in the company of people before who always had their face tense up like they smell a poop or as if their shoes too tight. People around them would be breaking down with laughter – I am talking about one of the good old-time hold-your-belly laughs, with water coming out of your eyes, one of the  kind of laughs that your head does start feeling light as though you are about to pass out – and when you look around one particular person would be there as serious as a judge and looking at the others as though they’ve gone mad. It’s as though they weren’t born with the part that makes you laugh, or it’s faulty and needs repairing.

Of course there is a time and place for everything, so you don’t want to be at a funeral cackling out like a blinking hyena either.


Anyhow, being one who believes that laughter is the best medicine and being a man who can have a good laugh even when the joke is about us men, I decided to share this piece which I came across on the net:

Classes for Men at your Local Adult Learning Centre Sign Up – APRIL 1, 2013

(Due to the complexity and difficulty level, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants.)

• How to fill the ice-cube tray – Step by step, with slide presentation

• Toilet paper: Does it grow on the holder? – Round table discussion

• Is it possible to urinate by lifting the seat and avoid splashing the floor, walls and nearby bathtub? – Group practice

• Fundamental differences between the laundry hamper and the floor – Pictures and explanatory graphics

• Dishes and silverware: Can they levitate and fly into the sink? – Examples on video

• Identity crisis: Losing the remote to your significant other – Help line and support groups

• Learning how to find things: Looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming • Health Watch: Bringing her flowers is not harmful to your health – Graphics and audio tape

• Real men ask for directions when lost – Real life testimonials (may be cancelled due to unavailability of testimonials)

• Is it genetically impossible to sit quietly as she parallel parks? – Driving simulation

• Learning about life: Basic differences between mother and wife – Online class and role-playing

• How to be the ideal shopping companion – Exercises, meditation and breathing techniques

• How to fight cerebral atrophy: Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, other important dates

• And calling when you’re going to be late – Cerebral shock therapy sessions and full lobotomies offered

Hope to see you people in class. The wife has given me a full scholarship. See ya.


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