The Saga of a Girl Child – A poem by Ayush Shrivastav

A baby at large
Joy for the home
Happiness spreads in a household,
Where a daughter is born.

Not any longer! a girl child dies before it is born.
She who could have been a sister to someone, a laughter to some home,
Or happiness to grandparents,
Yet now, worst, a burden to her very ownThe recent trend of society, without social responsibility,
Before a baby sees daylight,
It is sent back to almighty,
Here education fails, and life is planned, in connivance with injustice.

It pains me to see, everyday,
In spite of stringent laws a girl child,
in a gutter or well.
Their only crime being, a girl child.

The Wounded Girl – Manipal Seeks a Salve
Photo: Sonal Kashyap

Whether it is their fate or karma,
is not the question,
Whether we are ashamed of such deeds, needs to be thought about…

A girl child, as I see her is the pride of a Indian family,
The most lovable daughter,
Should be given more love, by the society,
Because one day, she will be a mother, sister or a daughter in-law.

Some times it seems, We are at fault.
Nevertheless do some good deeds before time halts.
Love her as much, as you love yourself.

Only in her little palms,
Fate is written,
don’t erase it,
Before the divines show.


About the Poet: Ayush Shrivastav studies mechanical engineering at MIT, Manipal. He is currently in the 2nd year.

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