Retirement in Malaysia – Too Good to be True?

Malaysia is yet another place where you could choose to retire and follow a lifestyle that is almost too good to be true. If you are fed up with bad weather, worried about the rising cost of living and worried about security, you could say it’s time for a change of scene. So even if you have strong links to the place where you have lived many years of your life, maybe it’s time to take the plunge and see what’s out there for the taking.

Malaysia will offer you the best of a tropical climate, with beautiful scenery around you and a friendly local population. After the gloomy weather conditions you’ve been accustomed to back home, here is your chance to bask in the sunshine without a care in the world.

This is one place where you can really live, as you want to and decide whether you’d rather live in a city, a mountain resort or a seaside. It’s a place where you can afford to retire early and live comfortably, yet spend less. Doesn’t that sound a little too perfect? Even so, it’s true, you know.

Malaysia offers a program to all foreign residents who would like to settle down in the country over the long term or even retire there. There are several advantages to this program. One of these is a 10-year Visit Pass and Multiple Entry Visa, which must be renewed every ten years. This is a provision, which will ultimately allow you to come and go as you please for life.

You can also own businesses in Malaysia and invest freely. This by itself is almost like having a second passport. Among other things, if you were to buy a new car or import one, you could do so without paying any tax on it.

In Malaysia, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of an equable climate and a low cost of living. Taking the cost of a burger as an example, it is far cheaper than what you would end up paying for the same thing in the US for example.

Malaysia is also located outside the so-called Ring of Fire, so there is no danger of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Take a look at basic living conditions and amenities available to you – about 66,000 kms of excellent roads, made up of different kinds of highways; fixed line communications even for remote areas; extensive health care facilities, including public and private hospitals that are equipped to perform complex surgical procedures at reasonable prices; wonderful sights such as the Petronas Towers, the Genting Highlands, the Niah Caves and Mount Kinabalu, to name just a few which will take your breath away.

With a good infrastructure, pleasant weather, a cost of living that is one of the lowest in the region coupled with one of the highest standards of living in the area, you have to admit that what you have is nothing short of a winning combination.

Malaysia is also politically stable and safe, a country, which by law treats everyone equally. This is a carryover from the British system of justice, which also offers an independent and stable judicial framework.

Looking at the lighter side of life, with regard to food, entertainment, recreation and shopping, let’s cut a long story short – Malaysia has something for everyone. The country also has well developed educational systems with good international schools where the medium of instruction is English. You’ll also find private colleges and major educational institutions from around the world.

There is a wide range of different kinds of residential accommodation here – apartments, condominiums, bungalows, semi-detached and terraced houses. Some of these apartments are located in picturesque settings – near theme parks, on beaches or near jungles. Foreigners are also entitled to take loans of 60% or more from local banks.

Well, how does it sound so far? Whoever said you can’t have everything didn’t know about this place, did they?

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