Resolving Couple Conflicts

touchy, and universal conflict issue between men and women!

Manipal Monk provides you with simple tips for resolving all kinds of couple conflicts.

  1. Money is the number one cause of a couple conflict. For a relationship to work, you need to discuss your finances and work out a budget.
  2. Do not assume that you won’t be tempted to have an affair as almost everyone is. You need to learn to resist. If you do stray, don’t feel it spells the end of your relationship. Most couples recover and often find that uprooting the cause of the affair helps them to get even closer.
  3. Remember that boredom typically covers up anger. If you feel bored with him, ask yourself what you are angry about.
  4. Be aware that men generally feel overwhelmed by emotion more than women do. If your partner is angry or tearful, half an hour’s un flooding time to himself will help get his balance back and make him more able to interact positively with you.
  5. Learn how to argue well. The trick is to never say anything that you would not want to hear said to you.
  6. Manipal Monk suggests you need five positive experiences to erase the memory of one negative experience. So give five kind words for every bitchy comment. Give five hugs for each cold shoulder.
  7. If your domestic work is not divided between you, it will cause friction in your relationship. Make a list of the domestic tasks, talk it through with your partner and share the work
  8. Learn how to negotiate. Each of you states what you want, the both of you work together to find a way forward.
  9. Accept the things that won’t change. Some characteristics about your partner are there for life – and you have to face that.
  10. Learn to forgive. If you know you will never forgive your partner over something important, then give him – and yourself – a break and start again, with someone else.
  11. Realize that the two of you will shift and change over the years. So, even if you think you understand him, or believe you have agreements sorted, check regularly – at least once a year – to make sure that neither of you has changed your mind.
  12. Don’t think that going to counseling equals failure. It can turn around a bad relationship. It can also turn an average relationship into a brilliant one.

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