Know About the Rakhi Celebration in Different Corners of the World

Rakshabandhan Rakhi
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Raksha Bandhan is the day of celebrating siblinghood and reviving the promise of protection again. The ideal time which gives you a chance to express the heartiest feelings of love, care, and gratitude towards the naughtiest yet loving siblings. The day is unique because of their beautiful rituals, followed by both brother and sister. From tying a thread of protection known as Rakhi on the brother’s wrist to showering the sister with wonderful Rakhi presents, every single thing makes this occasion enjoyable. Probably, this is the real beauty of this occasion.

Do you know, this great festival in India is celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show? Yes! The celebration exceeds the boundaries of the nation and spreading its charm in every corner of the world. To know more, about the way of celebrating the Rakhi festival in other countries, just read this article.

The customs and traditions around the world are the same, but the only difference is the style of celebration. Though the real essence of this festival of brother and sister can be experienced in India, still the charm of this occasion can be observed in other parts of the world. With the availability of an online rakhi store, today Rakhi is celebrated globally!

Here are the countries which celebrate this occasion in a different style. 

Rakhi Celebration in Australia

Though the Rakhi celebration in Australia is not as grand as in India, still it is unique in their own way. Most of the Indian organization organize a Rakhi celebration where Indian families in Australia, come together to celebrate this occasion win fun and frolic way. Such a significant step taken by Indian organizations, boost up the spirits of everyone, residing in Australia, and also develop the feeling of togetherness. 

Rakhi Celebration in Canada

As we all know, Canada is the top country for Indian migrants to go, and hence, a large number of Indians are residing there. On the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the Indian community in Canada organizes a function so that every Indian brother and sister can perform the rituals of this occasion together in a great way and grow amenity with other Indians. On the other hand, the one who is living in Canada away from their sibling in India can send Rakhi thread, sweets, gifts, cakes, etc. as Raksha Bandhan wishes using the services offered by a numero of online cake portals or online gift portal. With these sweet gestures, they celebrate this occasion in great zeal.

Rakhi Celebration in Europe

Raksha Bandhan is also commemorated in various countries of Europe with great enthusiasm. Most popularly celebrated by South East Asian population in fun and frolic way where people gather at a particular place and celebrate this festival of brother and sister following the same rituals. A sister ties a pious thread of Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and prays for his long and charming life. On the other hand, a brother conveys the best wishes of the occasion by showering the wonderful present. Whereas the people who are living alone, the occasion develops the real spirit of brotherhood amongst themselves. 

Rakhi Celebration in Nepal

As we all know that Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world, so a Rakhi celebration will be on heights. Right? Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Nepal in the same way as in India. The festival begins with tying Rakhi a sacred thread of Rakhi on brother’s hand and comes to an end with the family get-togethers. You can also say a big thanks to today’s modern technologies, bringing people closer to the one residing away from their brother and sister. For those Indians who are living away from their sibling in Nepal, can send Rakhi gifts to India and wish them a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Celebration in the US

A large part of the Indian population resides in the United States. Indians migrate to the US for a better lifestyle, great exposure, and job opportunities. Raksha Bandhan is the day of celebrating the bond of love shared between brother and sister. In the US, the occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Indians residing there. They may be away from their country land, but when it comes to celebrating the festival, then everyone comes together at a place and celebrate this beautiful day in a great way.

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