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The Militant Crew is a Rock band which recently launched their first album “Protest Art” at G6 Cafe, Mangalore. Kevin Rodrigues, the Vocalist and Guitarist of the band wrote the entire album with the intention of a rebellion against the present situation of our Country.

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The Album consists of  songs which were written by Kevin Rodrigues and then Composed by the band. Kevin started writing this album after an incident in which his friends were attacked by the Moral police in Mangalore, about an year ago. He then decided to express his opinion through this album. Every song in the album has a meaning behind it, I’m now going to share that with you.

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Kevin Rodrigues

1. THE INTRO : This song is in Latin and this song tells us that “We are all slaves”. We are all slaves for Money, we are slaves of the Government. We always tend to ignore the conditions around us. Conditions like, we are always being suppressed by the so called “Upper Powers”. We ignore the conditions we live in and we always give into the Government.

2. SERPENT THAT SINNED : This Song is based on the first chapter of The Bible. God tells us that we shouldn’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge. According to this song, the Serpent that is the Singer tell us to eat from the tree of knowledge to gain more of it. Knowledge is always some how linked with Human being described as Evil. A person should gain the knowledge of both Good and evil things around us. The daily experiences that you put you’re self into are minor pieces of Knowledge that mold into “YOU“.

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Colin Vyas

3. I BELIEVE : This song tell us that it is really pissing off that we are living at the mercy of people whom we don’t know. It is really sad that we are waiting for a change. We shouldn’t give into things like this. No one can come up to you and tell you what to do. “You can’t dress up like this, You can’t be with a person of another religion etc”.

4. AVIDITY : Avidity basically means “craving” or “greed”. Greed can be positive or negative. This song is about the greed to have some kind of a change in the country,world and humanity.

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The Crew 🙂

5. FREEDOM PARASITE : This song goes like “I’m not your freedom parasite, I’m not gonna Knuckle on you”. We shouldn’t depend on the Government for Freedom, It’s something you already have. The Constitution doesn’t give you rights. As long as you are doing something that is right and it doesn’t harm anybody, no one has a right to stop you.

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Sammy Bhrama

That’s all about the Album. The songs are really nice you should definitely listen to them. ,

The CREW – the 4 piece band consists of

-KEVIN RODRIGUES – Vocals and Guitar


-VARUN RAO – Bass and Guitar


-JOEL SAKKARI – Producer




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Varun Rao







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