Prague Getaways a Journey to heaven and a Perfect Destination for Vacation

Prague is the prettiest city of Europe. For long the fabulous beauty of Prague has been known all over the world. If you are planning your trip to this beautiful city then it is the right decision. The beauty of Prague will fascinate the visitors. You will be tired  visiting one place after another to grab the beauty of Prague but you will never be satisfied with one visit. Must say Prague is like one of the most beautiful creations of god.

If you are newly married then Prague is the best option for you and your partner to visit because, it is the most romantic place to visit and famous for its romantic beauty. You cannot give any other gift to your partner then giving them the opportunity to visit Prague once.

Here we will discuss about some most visited places of Prague.


  • Wenceslas Square: National museums are there in Wenceslas Square and  is one of the prettiest places you could visit in Prague. It is also known as National Gallery as you can see some old and historical things in its museums. You should prefer to visit this place at night as it look like a bride  decorated with all ornaments. Shopping, eating and H&M are some good options for you if visit Wenceslas square.
  • Prague Metronome: The Prague Metronome is placed near the river and has a high point. You can visit this place to watch beautiful river and high point. It is also a quiet place and good for a photo shoot.
  • Charles Square: It is the biggest square place in the world and a transport spot. In 1348 it was known as cattle market after then in 1848 it becomes Charles square. Here you can peep in parks and find taxis, buses and trains easily.
  • Astronomical Tower: Placed in old town and you can find restaurants for good food and pubs etc also a good place where you can take your pictures for memories. It is a good option for taking lunch and passing time by exploring this place. If you are visiting this place then explore various taste of food over here.
  • Meteor Plaza: A complete package of enjoyment and convenience as itself. Yes, Meteor Plaza is a place where you can find very beautiful hotels which will take you into olden times and where you can enjoy the beauty of culture of different states and enjoy the food as well.

Nowadays president of the Czech republic is seated in Prague and it is the political and historical hub of both states and cities. Still, people will welcome you to observe its beauty independently. No doubt if we will call Prague a heaven for visitors because beauty of Prague can enchant anyone.

Beauty of Prague is not always same as according to seasons, day & night it changes its color and enhances its beauty.

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