Paranormal Love- Entry no 18 (Paranormal Romance)

I had a split up with my girlfriend, Kakoli. Devastated, I headed straight to a bar and was gulping

down my third whisky, when it happened. “Hi Sanjay” – I looked up. A young lady totally unknown

to me was standing before me and before I could react, she said “This is last glass today. You just

can’t do this to yourself, I won’t let you to”. Soon we got chatting for hours after moving to a

coffee shop nearby. By then I had completely forgotten my state a few hours before.

She said her name was Snigdha, but did not part with her phone number. Who is this lady, who

seemed to know so much about me? We parted, only to meet her again. She just resurfaced from

nowhere. I was in a really bad state of mind. And then we met several times thereafter – every

time when I needed her most, she was beside me.

During one such day, as she sat before me I realized I was not missing Kakoli. I felt like kissing

Snigdha, but resisted myself. As if reading my mind, she came forward and gently kissed me. Next

day I woke up from a dream which made me recognize her. She was Mili, my classmate, with

whom I shared a very special bonding. During a school picnic, she gave her life trying to save me

from drowning. She was a champion swimmer and I did not know to swim.

I did not see her after that. But Kakoli returned back. She said she changed her mind when a lady

named Mili met her, befriended her and they had long discussions about love. I knew Mili would

be always there for me and would be beside me whenever I need her.


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