Out of box Thinking

Attributed to my laziness, I didn’t take task of sharing my pondy visit experiences.And now , when I am feeling like writing something , its too late to recollect those experiences.Anyway, my todays post goes back much beyond it.Its an admission of what I and my X-roomy used to do during our jobless undergraduate days.

Both having fairly creative mindset (my self praise habit doesn’t seem to be affected by age induced maturity!!) , fell in a sort of tussle of who is better out of 2!!And discussion carried us to an unusual competition which ,according to me , really tests your open mindedness!Here 1 person says something and the next one has to say something totally irrelevant to the previous statement without a pause.I don’t exactly remember the results of our game (Well, I think, had it been favorable for me, I would have definitely remembered!!) but the positive outcome was a invention of a new and probably mind sharpening game.It really tests broadness or vastness of your thoughts.Can be played with any number of people but lesser the number , tougher the game.And undoubtedly most the statements generated will be funny.

I recollected this experience while having the dinner today with my colleagues on peak of their pj mood.The guy who write s poems in this as well as his own blog is the one who has got a smart ability to justify virtually any kind of bluff, that too instantly and I got an idea to test him with this.And out of the players he was the first to go out!!It clearly says , possibly he can think of 100 relevant alternatives but not the one which is off bit (Big time entrepreneurs probably possesses this )

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