Otherworldly Love- Entry no 17 (Paranormal Romance)

The minutes ticked by slowly.His impatience clearly showed on his face.It had been too long,she had never been away this long before.”She should be here by now”,he muttered to himself.He peeked up again at the sky in search of some sign.

Even after all this time,he sometimes questioned his sanity.People had a lot of strange ways to find love but to have someone from another planet as your significant other was a different thing altogether.As crazy as it sounded,he’d realised you couldn’t choose the person you fall in love with.Ofcourse she had never seemed different to him even with her brilliant blue skin and feline eyes. The fact that he couldn’t physically speak to her didn’t deter him either.He had been drawn to her from the first moment had set his eyes on her .For him their connection went beyond the physical.But both of them agreed that society would never view them in the same way.Even on her planet such relationships were taboo.The consequences of it could include death.To the noberu people they were not equal but merely test subjects.As a scientist he knew their only chance was to find another home for them.They had decided that it was the only way.But first she had to destroy everything that they could use to trace them.The plan was a risky one but it was their only hope.

His anxiety increased as he thought about all the things that could go wrong.Suddenly a flash illuminated the sky.He could sense her already as he saw the door opening.”Yes” he said to her.”I’ve been waiting for you too” .As he stepped into the light he turned back to look back at the planet he called his home and bid his  bittersweet farewell one last time.


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