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“One Ride One India”
The biggest ride in the history of India!
One Ride One India is about riding a massive 35000+ kms in 150 – 180 days, creating the biggest ride in Indian history and creating a massive relay of riders joining through out the ride. Promoting tourism being the main focus, the team will be promoting awareness and peace. Apart from promoting the team will be keen in learning the various arts, cultures, cuisines, traditions and heritages of this vast diversified land.

We are not doing this for charity.
We want to ride because we love India.
Its about showcasing the best of India.
Its about the process of learning and knowing India better.
Its about knowing the arts, culture & traditions of India.
Its like riding to remotest areas where no rider has been.
Its about spreading awareness, peace & harmony.
Its about creating the biggest ride in Indian history.
Its about promoting Plantations – “Save The Planet, Plant Trees”
Its about promoting tourism in India.
Its about the keen to learn this vast diversity land.
Its about the willingness to ride a massive 35000 + Kms.
Its about showing the strength of man & his bull.
Its about fulfilling every riders dream.
Its about navigating the known and unknown.
Its about dreaming to ride big and achieving it.
Its about riding from 0 feet to the highest altitudes.
Its about testing the spirit of man, riding through all weathers.
Its about telling people without words that we are Indians and more over we as Indians believe that every Indian must know and see the beautiful place of this beautiful country and we are proud of India!
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