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One of the most difficult choices we make every day is about one of the simplest things, food. What should we eat? Most of the household chores tend to run around planning meals. One would think that as students it would be simpler to deal with food as we just eat out or order in. However, in a place as expensive as Manipal, where food takes up most of your monthly budget, if we don’t make the right food choices we might find ourselves in trouble. Not only from an economic point of view but more importantly, to ensure that we get all the nutrition we need.

 Malaysian Mess Manipal Food

New International Mess opened its gates for students somewhere around the month of March 2016. It is located right at the center of B Block of New International Hostel in KMC Campus, Manipal. Since it is tucked away many students seem unaware of it. The mess is open to all students and is more like a canteen where one can get food through cash. The menu of the mess was kept simple initially but has now been expanded to include many items. The Malaysian meals available for lunch and dinner tend to attract most of the Malaysian students who attend MMMC and live in the nearby hostels.

 Malaysian Mess Menu MMMC Foodcourt

The menu is not restricted to Malaysian cuisine as it does offer a variety of Indian food items as well like Gobi and Paneer Manchurian, Coin paratha and curry but my personal favorite is Dal Makhani and roti. The breakfast combo is filling enough to keep your tummy from complaining for a few hours. For just 55 rupees you get an omelet, bread, croissant, cereal and milk. The other breakfast options available are stuff parathas which are equally good. The sandwiches, juices and milkshakes of the mess are super fresh and budget friendly. You will only believe me if you try it out for yourself! Dessert options include brownies, pastries, and ice-cream.

The gigantic glass windows allow plenty of sunlight in during the day. I have observed the mess being cleaned regularly ensuring the food is safe and hygienic. It is a good place to study with your friends. It does not have any plug points on the pillars but you can find them near the wall in case you need to charge a gadget. The mess is also spacious as it has a ground and first-floor sitting area.

 Malaysian Mess food Court MMMC

The Mess is also planning to start an Indian Mess option initially for the ICAS students and then for others to join. The place is all one needs offering a variety of delicious food options that need to be tried right away. So what are you waiting for? Get your gang and get moving to try the new mess on the block!

Nishma KhetiaAbout the Author: Nishma Khetia is a 4rthn  Year student at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is a Gujarati from Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. She has grown to love photography. She also enjoys traveling, reading and blogging. You can find her on Instagram, her photography page – The Shutterbug Life and her blog – Hakuna Matata

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