Namma Mangalore: A poem

Humans of Mangalore
He traveled all the way from Kasargod (A town 60 km from Mangalore) for it. He handed my belongings untouched.

Nature, delicacies, culture and malls
This coastal haven has got it all
The rains are heavy and the summers warm
Come here once and you’ll love the charm!

From fine dine luxury to lunch in dabbas 
Or tasty ice-creams of the famous Pabbas
Thuppa Dosa, sweet buns and Anjal Ghee Roast
Let’s raise a toast for the food of the coast

The hills so serene, a city so clean
The people are nice and no one is mean
The culture, the temples and Panambur beach
Worldwide tourists love to enjoy them each

Businessmen, actors, students and mantris
People from Kudla are in all the countries
You can be from Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru
But you have gotta love, Namma Mangaluru!

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