My Utopia – Souradeep Roy



For once, let us all dream.

Of our own utopias.


In the silence of solitude

I get a glimpse of my own

for a flicker of a second,

which is alighted

when lightning strikes gold

in that distant mountain

shrouded by darkness

under the twinkling sky.


In that glittering mountain

resides my utopia.


Mother Moon smiles down

at it’s only inhabitants

who’re hopping into puddles,

swimming in the air

holding each other’s hands,

and then letting go

to fall into the sea of innocence.

They sink down through ripples

amongst millions of bubbles

and leave their footprints

in the bright, sparkling sea-bed.

On the surface,

they dance with dolphins

and wipe their faces

with silver droplets of moonbeams

trailing the dolphin’s fins.

On the shore,

they build sand castles

decorated with the childhood toys

we adults have discarded.

They’re children! Oh, they’re children!



If science does invent

the time-machine,

and everyone rushes

to take the trains

to the future,

would you

hold my little finger,

and board the empty trains

to our pasts

of snatched childhoods

and utopias?

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