Murder Mysteries And Why You Should Start Reading Them

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It all started when I was ten years old, and there existed a very famous TV show called CID, an investigative mystery thriller, which my friends and I loved to watch. It featured a group of detectives who excelled at their jobs and dramatically solved every case.

I realized that I had a keen interest in these thriller shows when I correctly started guessing the killers, soon after the beginning of an episode. My mother noticed this spark of interest in me, and she started getting me books from her library to develop my vocabulary and broaden my scope of literature. Not much later, I started reading books like Nancy Drew, The Secret 7, Famous 5, Dan Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and finally, one of my favourites, Agatha Christie novels.

Developing a taste for mystery is not where everyone’s interest lies. But why every person should read them at least once is because they are not like the other fictional books. For instance, in a romance novel, you can always predict the ending. A boy and a girl meet, fall in love, get together, face complexities in the way, but manage to get back together, and live happily ever after. In mystery novels, however, what keeps it gripping, is that the audience never knows what to expect. It’s like figuring out the end of a puzzle. It’s also hard to put the book down because you want to know how it ends and who the culprit is. The basic difference between other genres and a mystery novel is their center of attention. Mystery novels are generally backed by a gripping plot, whereas stories from other genres mainly focus on the representation of different characters. Trying to identify the characters and what their mannerisms are like is different from questioning EVERY character and their motives.

A good mystery novel keeps the readers on their toes. It’s like an intellectual challenge. The adrenaline rush that one gets after completing each chapter is wholesome. The churning of your mind wheels after each cliff-hanger is what keeps you going till the end. And finally, a good plot twist and a surprising end leave you satisfied and mind blown, especially when the entire plot was in front of your own eyes, and you didn’t see it coming. That’s the beauty of a Mystery novel, and everyone should have a taste of it.

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