Mountain Biking – Student Gear List

The biking environments have potential for snow and sun.  Be prepared for the extremes of weather.
?  Bike, in excellent condition (do not let a poorly maintained bike ruin your trip)
?  Helmet, safety standards approved AND in excellent condition = NO cracks
?  Water bottle(s) and cage, or a hydration system
?  Small tool kit (includes spare tube, tyre levers, patch kit, pump)
?  Padded cycle shorts (2 pairs if possible)
?  Polypro or wool tops
?  Long polypro pants cycling tights or similar
?  Lightweight wind jacket
?  Small back pack (to store repair kit & snacks).
?  Appropriate cycling footwear (runners or skate shoes with socks are appropriate)
?  Full finger gloves
?  Balaclava or hat
?Sunglasses – preferably with a lightly tinted lens, better for riding in challenging light situations
?  Torch
Personal First Aid Kit – includes personal medication, Elastoplast, roll of sleek, gauze bandage, insect repellant (“Dimp”) sunburn cream or lotion, scissors, emergency blanket

Also accessible in small backpack…

?  Waterproof parka
?  Windproof over-trousers
?  Spare warm clothes
?  Mittens or gloves
?  LUNCH and snacks

?  Sleeping bag
?  Sleeping mat: thermarest/closed cell foam mat, perhaps two.
?  Lots of tasty snacks.
?  Torch, batteries and bulb
?  Matches or cigarette lighter, candle
?  Spare plastic bags (for dirty clothes etc)
?  1 large plastic bowl (dinner & cereal)
?  Knife, spoon, fork, plastic mug / cup
?  Tooth cleaning gear
?  Personal hygiene needs
?  Socks galore, clean!
?  Underwear
?  2 polypro or wool shirts
?  2  pair polypro /wool longs johns
?  1 woollen Jersey or polar fleece jacket.
?  Small towel, biodegradable soap.
Heaps of warm clothes
?  2nd pair of shoes for evening wear
?  Swimming togs
?  Money for extra food and snacks
?  Pack /bag for storing all of above


?  Allen keys, chain lube (ask your bike shop what the best type is)
?  Camera, extra film

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