Mother’s Day!!

An epitome of Love, and a symphony of affection,
And, the urge to always be there in any petrifying situation.
A person to groom one’s innocence,
Discretion of care, and an ocean of support and patience.
Unambiguously having an inherently selfless heart,
The person who teaches us to be incessantly sacred and aptly smart.
The world might be mysterious in any sense,
Without her mystic appearance, the lives, smiles seize to commence.

These are a few words which could lay the foundation for explaining the selfless and majestic approach to life  instilled and embedded in our hearts by our mothers. Since the very first day of our birth, it has been she, and her love, support, care and affection that has made us reach the positions that we hold.

It has been she, who has been always hopeful, even in the most grim situations, who always holds a ray of hope when one has lost faith in this cobweb of a materialistic world. She has been the one to smile in our joys, and wipe away our tears in the time of crisis.

It’s a fact we barely realize the depth of her selflessness that lauds us in every field that we turn our attention to, providing us with a moral boost each time. How can one forget the smile that she possessed when you took your first step, who can not remember the tears in her eyes when you had a mild fever, won’t it be unfair to not recall the moments when you fought with her, and she succumbed to your desires.

Wasn’t she biased, when she saved you from your father again and again, even though, she knew you were at fault. Don’t you always rely on her for every introspective moment that we have?

Is it not true that when we couldn’t sleep or were tense, a tight hug, and the comfortable support of her lap would mean the world to us? Has it not happened that she comes to know of your requirements even before you could name it? Mother

Isn’t it wrong to realize that she is the one to sleep the last, and wake up early in the morning? How about the hot morning stuffed paranthas in the morning, that too at 6 in the morning? She gave away all she had at times, and would starve to sleep. But, made sure that you always were on the healthier side of life.

It’s strange to realize how life turns, from her arranging your school bags, to the words of wisdom to put your life in order. How often has her calm and composed advice and words of motivation lifted you up? How often has she sacrificed her favorite TV series to let you be comfortable and enjoy? And, isn’t it a proven fact, that you get your favorite and the best delicacies on demand?

Is it not the truth that she expects only the best for her son/daughter, and, wants him/her to be the best in the world? Does she not make sure that these expectations don’t burden us and suppress our dreams?

However you may look, she always sees a prince in you. We often blame others of being biased, but are you not happy when she is biased to you? Everyone would have experienced it once or twice in his life. How about the scoldings, which made her cry more than it had an impact on us? Don’t you like the bag-filled of home-made delicacies served to you when you are away from home, and are missing her cooking badly? Don’t you crave for it all the more? How about the shopping of the best clothes for you, and the most luxurious lifestyle that you lead?

And, is it that these happened only while we were young? These lovable moments are still cherished by us, and would be the same throughout, no matter, how old we grow,  no matter how life is, no matter where we are.

These are a few instances where we have been always graced by our mother, these are a few situations which no one can ever forget. This is true love, this is our first love, and as is wisely said, first love is the one which no one can ever forget. This is a love, which no one would even love to forget, and, is an instinct flowing right within our veins.

People say degrees make people successful, but whatever degree might a mother have academically, isn’t she perfect in everything? As in literally everything? May it be finance, or it be accounts, or you can say, making things happen the way they are exactly supposed to?

And what does she expect or even get in return? She works for you day in and day out, and all she aspires for is you to be happy, just for you smile, just for your love, affection, and your success. Is it way too much to ask for?

Today, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, it would be a pride to bow down for her, and portray the love that I hold in my heart, thanking her for always being there, for everything!!

It would be wrong not to thank the almighty for having me born in her lap!!

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