Mother Nature Is A Serial Killer! – World War Z review

Brad Pitt in a Zombie-Apocalypse movie? Really? All I had to go on was a picture in my head of him munching on something in the Ocean’s Trilogy (as he does through all three films). Alongside George Clooney, Matt Damon, (the extremely beautiful and super-talented) Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones and several others, he robs casinos in the most comic of fashions with goof-ups hitting you from every direction.

Which is why I was more than a little skeptical as I walked to my seat earlier today.  But within 20 minutes, he had shown prowess and skill I had never expected of him. His transformation is clear as he roams across the globe from New Jersey to Korea to Israel and so on. More than anything, it was the grit and down-right appalling dauntlessness he instilled in his character, that makes this experience all the more worthwhile. The Zombie attack begins within the first 20 minutes of the movie. Brad Pitt must find a cure for the virus-induced “Zombiness” lest his family be relocated from seemingly the only asylum from the attack. All through the movie, the undead swarm in the hundreds and even thousands; a number altogether unseen in any Zombie movie I’ve ever watched.

There really isn’t much you can expect from these kinds of movies. It’s usually the same forty-odd people who get bit. The same forty-odd Zombies running amok. The same forty-odd Zombies the hero either terminates or cures at the end. “World War Z” manages to break that monotony. With the plot cleverly made as to keep you holding your breath (to not make noise), the thrill is more than a treat in itself. The action scenes (mostly the living just trying to stay that way) are well-coordinated and don’t seem unrealistic. Graphics and the such only added to the over-all flavor of the production. A HUGE plus point to this was that the Zombies weren’t photo-phobic housewives looking all pretty for you. They ACTUALLY scare you a couple of times through the movie.

All in all a better than decent Zombie movie. A couple good scares that keep you at the edge the entire time. A dash of Brad Pitt wraps it up nice and good. A definite good two-three hours well spent. Hats off to Marc Foster.

And THAT’S the bottom line.

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