Most Pretentious Ever!- Pretentious Movie Reviews by Kanan and Biswa.

First reaction: It was one sweaty summer afternoon when “Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon movie review” popped up as the first share on my Facebook newsfeed leaving me bewildered on the theme title being ‘Pretentious’.The bored young soul that I was, my withered finger slowly dragged itself onto the cursor to let the video-buffering start. Not within the lapse of 30 sec out of those 7 min long video, did I literally start to ROFL (Yes, rolling on floor laughing, well not exactly floor, it was the bed). By the end of the video I realized how ‘over-exaggerated’ that movie really was. No wonder my ‘Pretentious-review cravings’ began to outsource me and my cursor magically clicked itself to other videos in the series then-“Jaani Dushman review”, “Gunda review”. Both of these were totally impeccable, especially the “Gunda review”. I watched that 4-5 times in a row and still laughed harder. “Kanan gill” was then on my subscribed list of channels.

See the ‘Gunda Review’ from the link given.


Top 3 things that make it so addicting:

  • The central theme to every review which becomes a hallmark of their individual videos like the following as an example from “Aabra ka Daabra review”.

Courtesy- Facebook Page


  • Kanan and Biswa’s exhilarating chemistry. In one of the videos, I remember Biswa telling that he too has feelings and likes to be appreciated. Just to make things clear, we all like you both together. Pretentious movie reviews wouldn’t have been the same without you both.


  • The fact that even 7 minutes long video feels so petite that you don’t want the enclosing word ‘Fin’ to appear, while in the midst you are left with its hangover, eagerly waiting for the next review to be on-air soon.

My favorite Video:  Personally, I simply loved the “Hum Saath Saath hai review”. That is one among my old-time favorites. The contrasting features between the 90s movie and present-time Bollywood movies have been brought up in a hilarious way in the video by the duo. Even now when I am bored I start singing those raps and ‘ABCD’ song just to irritate all my fellow hostel-mates.

Watch the ‘Most Values Ever-Hum Saath Saath Hai Review’ from the link given.

My second favorite is the ‘Prem Aggan review”. The ‘Oh-yeah’, ‘You wanna-we wanna-Exercise’ and ‘Haseen-Dard’ flashes are bound to stick into your head ultimately leaving you with pointless and hysterical dual meaning jokes.

Watch ‘Most Exercise Ever- Prem Aggan Review’ in the link given.

The bonus effect: Apart from the pretentious reviews, that random ghost song was also crazily appreciated. Be it its rhythm or those lyrics ‘I am in love with a ghost, like sex on toast’ sometimes do haunt my mind and I am forced to sing it out loud in a crowd.

Watch this in the link above.

My recommendation: Looking for some pass-time when you’re bored or just want to have a decent comic daily dose, tune in for some ‘Desi-Pretentious Tadka’ because this duo can not only make you laugh your ‘face’ off but can actually addict you to some pretentious jokes around you in your daily routine. Signing off, all I would like to say is that guys, do plan a Mangalore trip too for all the delirious fans here.


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(All the images are courtesy of Facebook and Google images).

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