Most Anticipated TV Shows Over the Year 2013

Peyton List as Cara in 'The Tomorrow People'

The television entertainment industry has always been hard to keep up with. New and exciting content shows up on the screen every day making it very hard to follow up on the best content. However, if one could know what is coming up and be able to know what to watch and at what time that would be very helpful and a way to ease things? For this reason it is inevitable that you be aware of some of the most waited upon TV shows this year.


• Starring Tearyn Belanger along the likes of Victoria Gabrielle Platt among others, this is among the most waited on show.
• It revolves around the epic romance between a human Girl and an alien boy.
• When the alien boy and eight others that are of his kind land on earth, they are integrated into a suburban high school.
• This happens 10 years after their landing and after being consigned to an internment camp.
• This epic story of romance and a bit of Sci-Fi is a must watch for anyone with a good taste of what a good TV show entails.

The Tomorrow people.

Peyton List as Cara in 'The Tomorrow People'
Peyton List as Cara in ‘The Tomorrow People’

• Just as the title insinuates, this TV show revolves around the lives of a group of young people who are from the next generation of human evolution.
• Using different supernatural powers like teleporting and telepathy, this group indulges itself in fighting off the forces of evil.
• The show is created by Phil Klemmer and stars actors Robbie Amell, Peyton List among others. Believe.
• In its premier season, this drama series is based on two characters. A young very gifted girl and a man who has just sprung from prison.
• Upon release the man finds himself tasked with the duty of protecting the little girl from dark forces that are after her power.
• Most may find the relationship between the man and the little girl unlikely but it is what makes this show a must watch. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
• The series revolves around a group of a group of agents and their missions.
• They work for the strategic homeland intervention, enforcement and logistics division which is what the acronym of the title of the show stands for.
• It is mostly about various missions that the group pursues.

The selection.

• This is one for the couch so to say. A young working class woman is picked by a lottery together with 35 others to take part in a competition.
• The winner of the competition gets to marry the royal prince and become the nation’s next queen.
• The cut throat competition, the balance between loyalty and true love and an uprising that threatens the crown are just among the few twist to this amazing show.

The Hundred.

• After a nuclear war has wiped out all civilization, a space ship sends 100 lone survivors to repopulate the earth.
• This Sci-Fi TV show is one you should keep an eye out for.

The originals.

• After learning that the teacher who helped shape their child hood has fallen into a mysterious coma, a group of 20 year olds set out for a weekend in New York.
• The show revolves around the happenings that occur therein.

Having this list surely will give some much-needed awareness about what to keep an eye out for. You may catch all the drama on the Sky HD and to find out how simply use the sky number, get connected and enjoy your viewing.

About the Author: Linda Swan is a blogger based out of the UK.

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