MIT to have Unisex hostels on trial basis?

In an interesting development, MIT Manipal seems to be toying with the concept of Unisex hostels in the campus. This is evident from the hostel allotment list that came out yesterday as per which some guys were allotted rooms in girls’ hostels and vice-versa.

Fernando Alonso, a student who resides in Udupi, was alloted a room in 13th Block Girls’ Hostel even though he didn’t apply for any room. He was surprised when his friends broke the news to him. Many of them asked Alonso to give his new room to them but he didn’t give them any assurance.

“My friends are after me now to get that room… ha ha ha… Why would I give it to them? That’s like a dream coming true for me. Now it’s only a matter of convincing my parents on some pretext and shift to my new room,” he said with glee.

Some students see it as a bait to bring back students to hostels who moved out citing lack of bus service in the campus. “Allotting such rooms to the students who are staying outside…this must surely be a bait to fill up the hostels,” said a student speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Initially thought of by everyone as a computer glitch, people just made fun of the incident until many other similar incidents came to light.

A male student, Maha Kaurav, who completed his course last month and has already left Manipal, was allotted a room in 9th Block Boys’ Hostel along with a girl and one more guy in ‘double room’. He brought this to Student Council‘s notice on Facebook Page. He was apparently unhappy for not being able to accept the gift bestowed upon him by the college.

Speaking to ManipalBlog, he said, “It is too late….but well, I will try taking spot admission in M.Tech and try to accept the gift from my beloved MIGHTY MIGHT MIT. If I can’t get admission in M.Tech now, I will auction the room on Manipal Market Facebook Group and make some quick buck.I am already flooded with open offers on Student Council Page… ha ha ha.”

A third student, Dev Misla, was allotted the First Block, along with two girls! However, this news remained unconfirmed.

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Many MIT guys we spoke to are almost unanimous when it comes to favoring unisex hostels. In case of girls, they responded tersely by saying “not really” when we asked them if they favor such hostels.

At the time of writing this, we don’t have any concrete information about MIT management deliberately trying this concept of Unisex Hostels. As per one insider in Student Council, this goof-up must have happened because of students playing pranks and nothing else. But he admitted he was personally in favor of having unisex hostels.

For more latest developments visit this link.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction.
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?


    • Cruel. The way you channeled my complete attention towards every word, gave me hope and then bluntly let me down with an abrupt sentence.

  1. This may be an April Fool wala prank , but the truth of the matter is that Chandrashekhar Hostel (open to any student of Manipal U. who could afford it) was indeed the first Unisex Hostel at Manipal.. well sort of.. the lobby and the mess were the same.. the lift going up to the boys block was on the way to the mess so….

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