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Manipal Fest Tech Tatva 2014
TechTatva 2014 is scheduled from October 8th to 11th 2014.

There were a few messages by freshers asking how the Manipal fests and clubs work and how they can be a part of it.  So here is how it is like:

1. All first years are eligible to become volunteers (ONLY). You can become a volunteer for the fest by registering to the Volunteer Call (by the HRD Dept. only). There are different categories (domains) you can volunteer for. Details for all that will be provided later.

2. Your immediate seniors (Second Years) are the organizers of various categories. The second years become organizers after giving interviews.

3. We third years are the Category Heads and Coordinators and we make sure that everything is working fine in our respective category.

Then comes the The Student Council. The Technical Secretaries are the conveners. And each council member takes charge of 2-3 categories to make sure everything is working perfect.

Manipal Fest Tech Tatva 2014
TechTatva 2014 is scheduled from October 8th to 11th 2014.

This year TechTatva ( Tech-fest of MIT, Manipal) is from October 8th to 11th. The volunteer call notification will be out soon by the HRD Dept. Please apply to that.

Coming to the clubs, there are 44 registered clubs/ organizations which you can join in your first year as a working committee member.

Some of them are internationally recognized (IEEE, SAE & ISA), some are govt funded /recognized (AUC, IE CSE, IE EnC, IE Mechatronics, IE Mechanical, etc), some are founded by students of MIT (Ek Sangharsh, Society of Mathematics, Leaders of Tomorrow, Photography Club, etc) and some are dramatic clubs (Aaina, ADA, Dramanon, etc).

Apart from these we have teams like TMR, Formula Manipal, Aero MIT. These teams take part internationally and nationally in events organized by SAE. Also, there are 15 sports teams which you can join, through which you can represent the college at various platforms. As a first year you can join any club. You can join some clubs in second year too. However IAESTE is an organization which takes members only from first year.

Joining clubs will keep you busy. It will become the best part of your college life as you get a lot of experience which you will get nowhere else and then the fun part too.

About the Author: This is an article by Ms. Sowmini Chandra, an Electronics and Communication Engineering student and Mr. Keshav Shahi, a Mechatronics Engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology, MIT, Manipal. These FAQs were originally posted in the Manipal Freshers group 2014 – 2018 on Facebook.

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