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MBA Abroad

An MBA, or master of business administration, is a graduate-level programme that normally requires two years to complete. The Master of Administration (MBA) curriculum instructs students in company organization and management. It is a specialized professional education. Employers are prepared to pay a premium for MBA graduates, and in recent years, the market for these professionals has expanded dramatically.

Globally and in India alike, an MBA is a highly esteemed degree. It’s an extremely competitive education, and getting into a prestigious B-School is very tough. The screening is extremely competitive, and the selection procedure is brutal.

MBA Salaries are a matter of discussion. The best of the schools help their students earn upwards of 28 LPA as their starting salaries. Considering all of this and the lack of knowledge on the topic. This, however, is the case with India. It might not be the case everywhere. This blog is to help readers understand the MBA salaries they can expect based on their country.

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MBA Abroad vs MBA in India

  1. For an MBA in India, Common Admissions Test (CAT) is the standard exam. It is the most popular management entrance exam in India and is often considered as the ‘gold-standard’. There are other exams such as XAT, SNAP, NMAT etc. For an MBA abroad, GMAT is the critical exam. GMAT is a widely accepted entrance test with over 2200 universities accepting the same including a lot of Indian universities.
  2. Without any prior work experience, you can apply to several B-schools in India because their primary considerations are your academic records and entrance exam results. However, having work experience will help you score extra points and make your profile more powerful. Having two to three years of work experience is usually advised while applying to B-schools overseas in order to get into prestigious colleges like Harvard and Wharton etc. MBA candidates without work experience will find it almost impossible to secure an admission into these colleges without prior work experience.
  1. There is also a difference in the course structure. In India, MBA is a standard two-year course where you can choose your specialization in your second year. This is not the case abroad. Most MBAs abroad are one-year. This is where prior work experience comes into play. People who already know what they wish to specialize in and therefore, do not need the extra year for general awareness.
  2. The cost of education and your salary will significantly vary due to currency conversions. MBA fees in India move around 24 Lakhs. This figure significantly changes when you move abroad. MBA from the top universities abroad will cost upwards to 70 Lakhs in most cases. Typically, in the US and UK especially, this figure moves to 1.2 Cr.

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India Abroad
Entrance Exam CAT (main exam)


GMAT (main exam)


Work Experience  not compulsory.

strengthens profile


very difficult to get an offer otherwise

Course Duration and Structure 2 year course.

1 year general followed by a specialization for 1 year

1-2 year course.

In most cases, it is a one year course.

Cost Structure 20-50 Lakhs 70 Lakhs – 1.5 Cr

MBA Salary in Abroad

The list compilation was a tough task. By what categories should the counties be assigned values and should there be a weightage with regards to currency conversion. Instead of all of that, this is a list of highest paying MBAs converted into US Dollars. The list might not be based on the quality of life that you can expect in these nations but that decision is yours to make.MBA Abroad vs India

Top 10 Highest Paying Nations for Indian MBA graduates

  1. Switzerland – this is no surprise. Switzerland is the banking capital of the world. A small nation known for chocolates and tourism, most of the money they have made comes via Banking. There is no shortage of opportunities here. A top-tier MBA grad from India with work experience can easily expect a salary exceeding $1,30,000 per annum.
  2. United States of America – while we can understand if some people were shocked to see Switzerland at #1, USA is at #2 and everyone knows why. This nation has formerly dominated the World for half a century. The average base salary for MBAs in the US is $120,000 USD.
  3. Canada – Given its wealth of natural resources, Canada is a fantastic choice for MBA candidates interested in the oil and gas sector. The expected salary can be around $1,00,000.
  4. France – Some of the world’s most regarded business schools, like HEC Paris, are located in the nation. Because it is the engine of the European economy, there is a continuing demand for MBA graduates to run the most successful companies. The expected salary can be around $95,000.

United Kingdom – The financial markets in London are among the most competitive in the world, according to rankings. As a result, the UK has a huge need for MBAs. The expected salary is around $90,000

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