The importance of math e-learning and how it can wade off math phobia

Math Phobia

Though the term “Math phobia” or “Math anxiety” might not be commonly used, it is one of the most common issues among the students. Children often complain about mathematics to be a tough subject. Not just that, some parents also tend to focus more on mathematics, considering it an important and also a difficult subject. This hype about mathematics has fuelled the fear of the subjects in students.

Traditional teaching and Maths anxiety

Some traditional ways of teaching mathematics can also be blamed to add to this phobia. Maths is an understanding-based and concept-based subject that requires a lot of applications and analysis of the information. If it were only about remembering the formulas and solving equations, it wouldn’t have been perceived as a critical subject.

However, with recent advancements in education technology, the ways of teaching mathematics have significant changes. Fortunately, it has also improved the way students perform in the subject. With the wide use of mathematics e-learning in schools and institutions, we have noticed a considerable decline in mathematics anxiety in students.

How e-learning is transforming mathematics learning

While the use of audio-visual methods in teaching has always promised better learning, using them in mathematics specifically has shown amazing results. It helps students to understand the entire concept step-by-step and in an understandable manner so that they can retain it with themselves for a long time.

Among many other benefits of e-learning, some important and prominent ones include convenience, easy accessibility to quality faculty, the flexibility of time, learning at one’s own pace, a user-friendly interface, and no peer-pressure. Gone are the days when students just had to mug-up important questions, practice every question multiple times to pour it out exactly the same in the answer sheet, and remember all the formulas by heart.

Understanding concepts through audio-visual tutorials

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Real education demands understanding, not grabbing. If one only had to learn a few questions and reflect them in the examination, then maths wouldn’t have been called an application-based, real-life subject. To apply your knowledge in the real world, one needs to understand the concept and not mug-up the questions.

This idea of teaching maths through an understanding of concepts has gained popularity with the introduction of various e-learning platforms for mathematics and other subjects. The e-learning through various modules makes learning interactive, interesting, fun-filled, and also long-lasting. Teaching through demonstrations has been in practice for a long time. E-learning has taken this forward to establish complete, new, innovative, and technology-driven methods of teaching that also align with the mindsets, speed, and understanding of various students individually. Let us closely examine how mathematics e-learning can help in easing out the maths phobia or maths anxiety.

Supplementing the textbook learning

We do not say that e-learning should completely replace textbook learning. But it can supplement it effectively to boost understanding. Students can understand the concepts written in the textbook better by watching their modules on different e-learning platforms. It will also help them to analyze the concepts better. One-on-one instructions through e-learning can help them do their homework by themselves and more efficiently.

Parent’s involvement

Through various e-learning platforms, parents can keep a track of their child’s progress and see how well their child is understanding a particular concept. They can even help their children in understanding better by explaining the e-learning modules to them in their own way. Not only does it boost the parents-children interaction, but it also helps parents in getting involved with their child’s day-to-day studies.

Regular mock tests

With regular online mock tests and question banks for practice, students can track their own progress, rectify their own errors, and also set some personal goals for improvement. It gives students an insight into their own performance and understanding while not embarrassing them in front of their peers. It is a one-on-one module that also helps eradicate the fear of peers. Students will push themselves towards improvement by regularly taking the online mock tests.

Interactive, innovative, and interesting!

The three I’s that mathematics e-learning accommodates are Interaction, Innovation, and Interest. The audio-video tutorials not only make maths interesting and easily understandable but also interactive with pop-up puzzles, questions, games, etc. It is an innovative way to teach complex concepts with the use of images, videos, and sounds in such a way that students can easily access it, and also retain it.

Learn at their own pace

Every student learns at their own pace. They have their own potential and their own speed of learning. In traditional classrooms, many students may struggle to keep up with the pace of the whole batch. However, with the various e-learning modules, every student can learn various mathematics formulas and concepts at their own pace.

With many benefits, math e-learning can surely help students to do away with maths phobia. E-learning has come to rule the education industry in the present scenario, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Proving to be a boon to many students, teachers as well as parents, the scope of e-learning does not end here. It promises many more advantages with further advancements. Among many leading e-learning platforms, Kapdec is one of the most innovative maths e-learning platform that aligns the CBSE as well as US core curriculum to help students excel in the subject. It also provides smart classrooms, the one-of-a-kind virtual classroom environment unifying all the pillars of education effectively.

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