Marathon Training Tips for New Runners Part Five: Motivation

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I realize I probably should have written this post as Part One, but too late.

Last week, I completed my first 15 K run, heck, my first timed-run, ever. And I only started running this August, 2 months ago.

Beginner runners, if your motivation to run a marathon is to lose weight, then you need some new motivation. I thought I would drop a good 10 Kilos, but I haven’t budged an inch on the scale since starting. My clothes fit better, and my friends, family and colleagues have all complimented me, but I haven’t dropped any kilos, just fat. The weight came from two sources:

  1. Muscle
  2. All the extra calories I knew I could take in, I did

So why did I run it? I knew my wife needed me during her training, and if I was going to run with her to train, then why not do the whole thing.  So, what’s your motivation?

You’ll need to figure out why you want to run a marathon to determine if that will get you through the toughest physical challenge you may face in your life, even if you’re pretty fit already.

My motivation was to just finish the 15 k run.

I’ll put out there that this was my hardest run ever, starting with the first mile. It took everything I had to keep putting one foot in front of the other, but my goals to finish the run come what may got me through the 10 Kilometers.

What’s your motivation?

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