The Man’s Guide To Self Grooming: HAIR CARE

For a long time, it has been believed and stated that topics and subjects related to beauty are matters pertaining to women alone, and men are often not spoken about. Of course, the ultimate objective of the woman may relate to the man, but in reality, self-care and maintaining of oneself is a very important field for men too.
So here’s is the first of a series of articles pertaining to self-management and grooming for the man and how to acquire that smart and handsome dash along with a dab of charm and a little whisk of what the ladies may truly seek.


From the slick brown curls of Leonardo Di Caprio right down to the spiked up jet black hair sported by Tom Cruise, one thing every dashing man ought to have is well maintained hair. The irony is often men care the least about their hair, sparing the few dedicated ones. Hair care consists of a variety of things and doesn’t only involve going to a barber and getting it trimmed every time it’s growing over the eyes or the professor in postings is getting agitated. Hair care involves all hair related products from shampooing, to conditioning, correct hair drying techniques, on to hair styling as well.

Shampooing & Conditioning
Often, guys shampoo their hair once a month, ranging from person to person of course. But the recommended is to shampoo at least once in three days and condition at least once a week. Special shampoo’ s for men are available with their conditioners, but for matters of hair care, using a common effective brand like H&S or Clinic All clear and likewise and their conditioners are quite useful. For those with dandruff, shampooing often and using special anti-dandruff shampoos is of ultimate importance. Using a good amount and making sure of plenty of lathering over all areas is the key; and often may be required twice especially after you’ve used hair gel or oil or the like.

Hair Drying
Often the only time a guy ever uses a hair dryer is when its used on him at a saloon or he tests out his sibling/mother’s hair dryer. And many do not even require a hair dryer; but it is definitely a recommended tool especially for wavy locks, long hair and even curls. Other ways include effective rubbing gently with a towel, concentrating to dry out all areas, but not be too rough as this does affect the hair and the scalp too.

Hair Styling
With different people come different choices and likewise in matters of hairstyling, some opt for hair gel, some for hair spray, cream, fudge and others use the more traditional art of using oil. Now for those who use oil, well, besides the typical smell it often comes with, it is beneficial to hair and hair roots and works especially on sleek hair. For the others, there are many products in the market that actually pose as a threat to hair safety. Using hair sprays is actually not very recommended as it leads to early whitening, and the stiffness causes the hair to lose its quality and fineness. Hair gels tend to get sticky with sweating and often give a melting sensation to the hair. Some hair gels are of good quality, but the current products that are best for use are the fudges and creams, which give good styling quality combined with safety and comfort and easy use. Also, renowned and trustworthy companies’ products should be purchased and not just any product.

Many men, often young guys, do engage in most if not all hair care activities, but the problem lies in the use of wrong products, wrong ways employed for the tasks and carelessness and lack of importance given to such activities. So engage in good hair care and if you’re looking out to impress, this may just do the trick.
And all in all, if you still don’t think hair care is important, ask the old and balding, they miss the beauty of having hair the most.

“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts”
― Jim Morrison

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