Weather bitch! It’s exam time!!

End Semester exams are here, and now needless to say the weather is at its best again.

In my three years in this place, this is the biggest mystery I have encountered and trust me every MIT’ian is having a tough time believing this magic. Weather has never failed to make this place look heaven just before the exams, be it endsems  or sessionals.

Manipal Exam weather
Dark Clouds hover over End Point Manipal. Photo Courtesy – Danish Munnovar on Twitter

It is difficult not to suspect that the management consults the meteorological department before setting the annual time-table for MIT.  This possibly can be the universities strategy to make more money that they exactly time the exam in such a weather to get maximum re-registrations. This is the most important week for MITians and bed becomes irresistible when cool wind starts blowing and clouds cover the sky after a couple of months of sweat drenching heat. This love story between clouds and exams in Manipal is far more romantic and long lasting than that of a couple sitting outside 13th block at 10 p.m.

Manipal Exam weather 2
An awesome display in the skies above the Manipal University Building. Photo Courtesy – Danish Munnovar on Twitter

All jokes apart, this mystery is bigger than Bermuda triangle that how has weather never failed even a single time to slap MITians in their faces just before the exams!!!

PS : Good luck for the exams MITians!

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