Manipal rains are always on schedule…


That’s right newbies and other people just coming to Manipal.  Here it’s not just you that has to be on time to your classes / work even the rain has a schedule to keep.  People might think that it’s a joke and that can’t happen.  But honestly it’s true.  An the sad part is the schedule is kept in strict accordance with none other then you’re schedule.

It will start between 2 – 5 min before you have to leave the house to get to work / classes.  Not earlier not later.  It will stop exactly 2 – 5 min AFTER you’ve reached soaking wet to your destination.

An just in case you decide that today shall be the day you’ll be late or that you’ll wait for it to stop / start then decide.  The rain’s will also wait.

Ah…the little mysteries in the land of Manipal.


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