Manipal on Valentine’s Day

Every year on the 14th day of February, every single (literally single) man and woman in the world are made to realize how lonely they are and how incomplete their life is without a lover. All of this happened because a certain Christian saint thought we did not have enough problems in our lives.

He just sat down and thought, “The world is too good a place to live in, let me just introduce a few complications to mess up the lives of these mere mortals”

And thus, St. Valentines day came into existence.

For the lucky few who do have a fellow human being to satisfy their physical, mental and emotional needs, this day proves to be extremely expensive and just a little bit boastful. But it also gives these soon to be unhappy couples a reason to feel superior to the singles.

In highly educated countries like India, the peculiar species called ‘singles’ tend to form religious groups and take out their pent up frustration on innocent couples. Some may ponder upon the cause of the frustration of a single man. In my opinion, it could be due to the high amount of testosterone.

Here’s what Manipal had to say on the day all ‘hawas-ke-pujaris’ are let down once again!


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