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Are You Bored?

In Manipal, there are days you’re bored. And then there are days when you’re bored out of your mind. Hanging out with friends on the pavement and meeting up at a local ‘point’ works only for the few people who actually do study and are glad just to come out of their book-infested rooms.

For days that fall in the former category there are quite a few things that you can do here.

Option one is to develop some love for a sport, which means either football or basketball, and maybe even cricket to some extent. There are matches that keep happening in the evenings on all football grounds (or End Point) and basketball courts. You can assemble your own team or just get a few of your friends or even just one of your friends, get a ball and start playing. If you’re the kind that likes to play for an audience, you won’t be too disappointed. People as bored as you sometimes also come to the grounds/ courts just to watch others play. Pre-marital sex in the college

Option two is to get interested in indoor gaming or pool. There are quite a few gaming centres and pool parlours to keep you busy. Whether you like to kick King’s ass with Nina Williams, think of yourself as a bad ass playing Guitar hero or get busy with pocket billiards, you’ll find a good number of places to have fun with your friends here.

The third and my favourite option is to go partying. Going out and grabbing a few drinks in the evening is schway for killing time and feeling good. Many a friendships, broken bones, hook-ups and regrets have started with a beer mug.

For the days when you’re feeling shit bored out of your mind, especially on weekends, you can take a trip to the less frequented tourist spots near Manipal for a change of scene. There a quite a number of places you can go to and return in a day’s time- Hanumangundi, “Hanging bridge”, Jog falls, and beaches like Delta beach, St. Mary’s Island, Gokarna, etc. They’re great for a day and mood that is beat. But in case you visit one of these places on a public holiday be prepared to come across more-than-a-few familiar faces from your college there. Yes, this will happen on every Utsav weekend, Diwali weekend, weekend right after exams/ sessionals get over, Republic day, Independence day,… you get the drift.

Manipal being a small town, has its disadvantages like being lazy but with an amped group of friends, finding things to do to kick the boredom, isn’t that difficult to find.

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