Manipal Entrance Test (MET) – Brief and tips

A guide for your entrance to Manipal

Once again, the entrance exam season is around the corner. Weather you have just finished your boards and are looking forward to starting a new life in college through your Bachelors Degree or focusing on specializing for your Masters, the entrance exams are something that will not leave you behind. Manipal is no different. A prime choice for many different fields, including the likes of Engineering, Medical (Entrance through NEET), Media and Communication etc, Manipal has it’s own entrance tests for most of the degrees the University of Eminence has to offer. The Entrance tests for various institutes under Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) were halted for a time due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, including for Manipal Institute of Communication. However from 2022 onwards, every college that previously conducted entrance tests has begun their process of entrance through the MET once again.

The very term, ‘Entrance Test’, can shake one to the core and make them extremely worried about what the test entails. Essentially, the test certainly could dictate the course of  your future as it would determine the college and stream that you finally get and will be in. However, that doesn’t mean the exam alone can dictate your life and regardless of scared you feel or the world around you tries to make you feel, your best bet is to stay calm.  Read on to find out more about the Manipal Entrance Test and get tips that will make things a little better for  you!


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What is the MET?

The Manipal Entrance Test (MET) is the exam which students of certain courses are required to give in order to get their seat in the course. Based on the exam, the course and stream is offered to the students. A higher score means better rank. which subsequently means better chances of getting in the university and getting the stream of choice. However the admission for certain courses is not limited to the MET. The MET is just a step for entry, which is then followed by other rounds such as interviews and group discussions, following which students get the chance to get selected. Based on the course you are enrolling for, it is better to check the guidelines from MAHE official website for your course.

At the end of the exam, which will be held in a test center (You will get the option to select the test center of your choice) , you will get to see the marks you have scored. On a certain date that will be notified to you in advance, the merit list will be declared by the university with your rank based on the marks you scored in the exam. What follows afterwards, weather it is a direct admission or stream based admission completely depends on the course you have applied for.


What is the exam like?

The test is held in various centers all across the country. Like most other entrance exams, the rules regarding non allowance of certain items in the exam hall is standardized. The test is held on the computer. If you are an engineering aspirant, don’t expect the exam to be too different than your JEE, along with a few other added questions testing your other strengths. For those with no prior entrance exam experience, it’s better to check the syllabus which is updated every year. The questions are always in MCQ format and consists of various different sections which is determined by the course you have chosen. In the syllabus itself, the different topics and the subsections that will be present in the exam. In the two or three hour time frame, students are expected to answer as many questions as possible. The option to end the exam early depends on the student as it is allowed by the university to do so if the student finishes early. There might or might not be negative marking (Usually there is) , so be sure to check for it way before the exam since your answer strategy might depend on it. Sometimes, an online mock test also might be conducted by MAHE, be sure to attend it with the given instructions in order to properly understand the flow of the exam. It is certain to make your final exam go smoother if you have the practice.

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Excerpt from the mock test

Any tips to do better?

Maybe this is the reason why you opened the link! Even though everyone’s study and exam writing strategy is different and there is no one formula that can be applied to all the different brains that are going to attend the exam, here are a few tips that are tried and tested. If you feel that this does suit your strategy, applying it should help you out a lot :-

  1. Don’t be scared – This is a common scenario where people are so scared of the exam that they mess up questions that they know the answer to. Just keep calm, if you feel tensed, taking a deep breath can help a lot.
  2. Understand negative marking – Sometimes, leaving a question is better than answering it if you are not sure of it, incase negative marking is there. Since the exams can get very competitive and every mark counts, it’s better to not take the risk. However, the final decision does always depend on you, go with what you feel is right. Sometimes, the risk might be worth the rewards!
  3. Don’t waste too much time on one question- There will be a lot of questions to cater to during the limited time frame of the exam. If you feel stuck in one, it’s better to leave it and attempt other easy ones than spend too much time on one question. You can always come back and check later on if you have the time.
  4. Always double check – With the paper being MCQ, misclicking on the wrong option is a common thing. Always double check that you have selected the right option once you are done choosing the answer.

All in all, the MET is no different than the standard competitive exam that our country is so famous for. One of the key things to remember is not to be scared at the exam aspect and stay calm. If you’re well prepared with the syllabus, that will be more than enough for you to shine through and get the desired results!

Regardless of how it goes, never despair. Exams are a part of life. Even though success can feel great, failure is the pillar of success and you shouldn’t give up based on how the results went. As long as you know you tried your best,  you will do just fine!

And if you do make it and are interested to start your life in Manipal, you can check our fresher’s archives and other articles about a fresher’s life in Manipal.

Cheers and all the best!



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