Main Types and Features of Academic Research Papers You Have to Know

Academic writing has a lot of features that you would have to adhere by. You cannot simply write in the same tone as you would an article or an informal piece. There is a specific structure you would be required to follow if done correctly. In English, linear writing is used, which basically means that you would have to focus on one point. Everything that is mentioned in your academic research paper, needs to directly link to your point of argument and there is no place for fluff information.

Here are some of the popular types of academic research papers


This type of paper seems to be popular, but not for the reason of it being easy. You will be required to argue both sides of your findings. The tricky part is that you will be required to choose a side at the end of your arguments, but cannot favour one over the other in your writing. Do not forget to include your concept paper for dissertation, to summaries your findings and why it is important to read your paper.


Many students go with a definition paper because there is no emotions you need to pour into and you do not have to add your own opinion. This paper is based on facts only and excludes everything else. When writing a research concept paper here, you have to also take the emotion out of it, but you will be allowed to state your facts as if you are giving an opinion.


Some lecturers will require you to write an interpretive paper to measure the knowledge you have gained throughout the course of your studies. You will be given a case study and will need to use your theoretical knowledge. The requirement here is to prove that you have written the paper with the knowledge gained throughout your learning. You would also be required to state all the facts use in your findings.  For this, writing a concept paper should also reflect your theoretical knowledge of the racks

What features should reflect on your paper?


As this is a formal paper, you need to be very sure of any facts included in your research paper. Accuracy is a big thing when it comes to academic writing and rightfully so. Take some extra time when deciding on the information you want to add to your paper.


This is a formal type of paper and should reflect that. You cannot write this paper with an essay mind-set. It is much more complex than an essay. Think of some sources you read when doing your research and take not of the tone used.


Keep in mind that this is not a letter you are writing to your friend. Academic writing is very complex and should reflect your vocabulary. You can do this by using synonyms for words that sound too informal. Use a dictionary and learn a few words you can include in your paper. Of course, there is more to complex writing than fancy words. The way you build up to a point should also reflect your writing and professional skills.Paper writing


Student become overwhelmed at the thought of a research paper, but it is not that difficult if you stick to the basics. You have spent a lot of time preparing for this moment and everything you learned through your course is not lost. Use the knowledge you’ve gained as well as your own experiences and believes. It does take a lot of hard work, but anything worth earning recognition for should not be easy. Good luck with your academic research paper.

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