Sleight of Heart – Abhinav Menon


A Girl at the FairShe caught my eye

In a flurry of movement

Across the stage stood

A beauty past improvement

Our senses were throbbing

As the podium was set alight

And entered the man of magic

Draped in amber robes – the bright knight

“Hello my friends” he spoke

He was dripping with elan

“Welcome to my world of mystery,

I am Conjurer Khan!”

He pointed to a chair beside him

And made it disappear

He had birds fly out from his top-hat

As we ogled and cheered

He brought forth more tricks,

And all stood still, entranced

I stole a quiet look at the girl

Who also, my way did glance

She smiled at me then, a smile

Bewitching, radiant, divine.

My heart jumped, it rocketed

Much beyond cloud No.9

“For my last, dear ladies and gents” said Khan

“I shall need a volunteer”

He looked past the crowd completely

And chose my prized souvenir

“I shall sever this girl in half” he spoke

“and yet she’ll be thoroughly unharmed”

She walked and lied down within a box

And my heart stood on tip-toe, alarmed

He deftly dug a sword into the cage

My senses began to reel

And another, another, another

I gasped and let out a squeal.

There was a hushed silence which followed

Not a word from any soul

Khan waited for a measured moment and then

Pulled out my angel whole

He turned to the girl and embraced her

She looked so happy and so alive

“Say hello” the magician finally exclaimed

“to my lovely assistant and wife”

Hope shattered in my heart somewhere

As I realised that love is cursed,

All magic and illusion merely bogus

There was applause and we dispersed.


  1. A wonderful poem that highly removes mysteries – that love is not cursed, atleast for Mr Khan (his assistant and wife had so much faith in him); but to my dear viewer – I feel, he is yet inexperienced – it was not love – but just a bit of infatuation? But, for him, it could serve as a good experience! I wish him all well.

  2. that was a good one. keep writing such good ones regularly. i like it and i’m sharing with my friends. keep rocking and keep going… cheers

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