Looking Younger without Plastic Surgery

People get wrinkles. However, there are things that can be done to reduce or delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Chief among these is the use of sunscreen to protect against photo aging. The majority of the undesirable skin changes associated with aging are the result of sun exposure. The underlying collagen and elastin support of the skin breaks down because of sun exposure. This foundation of the skin also becomes more stiff and hard with age. However, collagen and elastin are only one part of a complex picture. Young skin has more fat cells in the dermis than older skin. This explains why older skin is more transparent. In aging the skin grows more than is necessary to cover the bones and muscles. So it sags. Gravity is not our friend in aging. Facial muscles sag too. Water retaining elements of the skin become depleted with age as well.

For millennia, women and men, have searched for a the elixir to retard the progress of time on the body, specifically the gradual sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Egyptian hieroglyphics show the obsession of Cleopatra with her skin and body care through regular baths in asses’ milk, adding many exotic substances including honey and other products brought from far and wide.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a natural part of skin, muscle, tendon and bones and is the most abundant protein in the body. As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity and this is the reason wrinkles appear. Apparently it`s all down to the collagen levels in our bodies, which decrease after the age of 25. When the levels of collagen reduce other changes begin to happen, nails become more brittle and joints can start to stiffen. The obvious answer is to replace lost collagen levels and this can be done, by taking collagen supplements. You can know more about collagen supplements here.

I am not claiming that collagen is the miracle elixir of youth. It is however a completely natural way to replace a vital protein in your body that directly affects the ageing process.

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