Life is too much – Stressed Manipalite

Dear Akka,

Life has just got too much. I feel tired all the time because I am so stressed. I live alone and am quite lonely. I feel like all my problems would be sorted if I could just meet that someone who could share my burden.  — Stressed Manipalite

Dear Stressed Manipalite,

Life IS too much! We all have worries: family, money, work, health, etc, etc, etc. How we deal with them is different for each of us. Contrary to society norm we don’t need other people to make us happy. I know it’s not easy to hear–
happiness really does come from inside.

Yes – a problem shared is a problem halved it’s true, however you could just as easily share with a colleague (about work), a friend (about your lonely feelings), financial advisor (about the money worries), etc, etc. We would all like
to have someone special in our lives, we don’t actually NEED someone though.

Think about what interests you. If you like reading – join a library. If you like dancing – join an aerobics class/dance class. The main thing is to get out and about even if it’s just going to the shops.

Do something you’ve never done before.

Before you know it your life will be so full you won’t have the time for anyone else!

—- Manipal Akka

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