Life in KMC: From The Eyes of A Medical Student

The first time I came to Manipal, I was a mere tourist. Not in the literal sense, but it was towards the end of my 11th grade as a part of college hunting. After my less-than-two-days tour, I felt like I had a general feel of the place. But when I did join KMC over a year later, it felt more foreign than ever, as though Manipal had revamped itself in that time.
I learned that It was one thing to know a place as an outsider and another thing to know the place as a resident.

It took some time to get used to this student hub, but pretty soon I knew that Snack Shack’s “potato lovers”, Planet Café’s “Oreo shake” and Aloha’s “baked dishes” were brilliant. Apart from that, we also get to meet various kinds of patients on a day to day basis. This is one major advantage of our rigorous regime. It’s ironical that even in these tough times, some of these patients appear very enthusiastic and full of life-they are even willing to share fascinating stories of their lives.

The academic pressure here in KMC is very high. We hardly get time for chilling out. But various kinds of fests and parties took away the monotony of medicine that I had expected. What surprised me the most was the fact that there was always something to do, the place was always buzzing with unmatched energy. At first I was skeptical that such a small place could possibly be livable for five years, but now I know that with the right people, fun is always around the corner in Manipal.

Whether it’s a treasure hunt, a day at the beach, a pseudo concert, or even a lazy day watching reruns and eating pizza in the hostel, there is a surprise in every corner.

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